New performance added

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We’ve just confirmed a new performance-

11:00 am

Fall-O-Ween Festival



Do you know of an event (public or private) or festival coming up that you’d like to see us performance- contact us!


Interested in learning to clog?

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  1. Come see us at one of our fall performances to get an idea of what we do.
  2. Let us know that you want to take lessons- you can tell us at one of the fall performances or see our contact page for contact us information
  3. Come to Prairieview Missionary Church on Thursdays at 6:30 pm starting October
  4. Be ready to have fun, laugh and learn!


Amish Acres festival

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Our first performance was a bit warm with a light breeze but full of spectators. People came and went from the seats but all seemed to enjoy themselves. The second performance lost a bit of the crowd- it was close to closing time BUT it also rained. So many festival goers did join us for a bit to get out of the rain.

Don’t forget to check our schedule for the next performance- come see us again!