• Pam- has been clogging for 8 years but before that she did contra, ballroom, line, square and round dance. She’s known to just start dancing around and making up her own pattern anytime the music is playing. Hobbies include quilting and grandchildren.
  • Cassidy- has been clogging for 8 years and is one of our youngest dancers. She didn’t dance before but boy is she a quick study and now dances buck style and choreographs her own routines or with another dancer Britt. Sometimes she dances a duet with her mother (also a dancer in our group). Her favorite step is anything buck. Hobbies include music (playing, listening, writing), reading and writing.
  • Becky, our fearless leader/Director, has been clogging for 23 years. Her favorite step is the Windmill and her favorite song is one of our new ones, Greater. Hobbies include baking, painting and choreography for our group.
  • Becky S, has been clogging for 7 years after doing line dance. Hobbies include reading, camping and fishing.
  • Patty has been clogging for 16 yrs with no dance experience before joining Heartland Country Cloggers. Her favorite step is the High Horse.
  • Emma is joining us for her first year of clogging and has not danced before but she is a quick study! Her favorite step is the Samantha and her favorite song (so far, bet she finds many more as she gets into it) is Turkey In The Straw. Hobbies include sports, reading and blogging.
  • Maribeth has been clogging for 18 years and had not danced before joining Heartland Country Cloggers- and now she’s a Co-Director! Hobbies include camping, crochet and spending time with the family. And she hopes to encourage her granddaughter to clog too.
  • Sharon has been clogging for 25 years and has clogged with other groups as well as clogged with her son. Her favorite step is the Joey and her favorite song is Your Love Never Fails. Hobbies are reading, yard work and clogging!
  • Catherine has been clogging with us for 2 years after taking lessons. Hobbies include genealogy, quilting, and history stuff.
  • Carolyn has been clogging for 7 years having done line, ballroom and “new england” country dancing before that. She likes all the steps and her favorite songs are Uncle Pen and Poison. Hobbies include reading, biking and hiking.
  • Ellen, also known as our Back Stage Director (in charge of telling us who goes where before we hit the stage), has been clogging with us for 6 years after bringing daughter Cassidy for lessons and then practice and shows. Her favorite step is the Kentucky Drag. Hobbies include playing banjo, songwriting, clogging and demolishing bathrooms.
  • Mary has been with us clogging for 3 yrs after taking lessons. Her favorite steps are the Hard Step and the Rooster Run and her favorite song is Good Time. Hobbies include playing clarinet in a community band, gardening, and reading.

(a few were too shy to share their favorite steps and songs, and hobbies)