Started in 1994, with just 8 members, we have grown to more than 2 dozen performers.

We perform both traditional and contemporary shows, public events and private bookings throughout the central Michiana region (north central Indiana and lower central Michigan). Our primary performance season runs April through October, although we are available for performances at other times. We prefer 2 months notice for scheduling.

Members include those who have been with the group for more than a decade as well as those who just took lessons last fall. Male, female, young and old, we have it all.

Director: Becky Hochstetler

Assistant Directors: Maribeth Rhodes, Sharon Stuckman

2017 Dancers: Brigitta Adkins, Marissa Adkins, Sierra Adkins, Carolyn Carpenter, Kathleen Cripe, Emma Dunbar, Becky Hochstetler, Pam Hunsberger, Joyce Lindsey, Brittney Martin, Lois Miller, Anne-Marie Overstreet, Mary Pinckert, Catherine Reedy, Grace Rhodes, Maribeth Rhodes, Hanna Royer, Becky Skipper, Sharon Stuckman, Patty VonBlon, Diane Wise, Cassidy Woodall, Ellen Woodall

Line-ups: Ellen Woodall
Sound: Wally Wise
MC’s: Chuck Stuckman, James Carpenter

The Heartland Country Cloggers would like to thank:

  • God, for always watching over us
  • Our family and friends for being there and supporting us
  • The individuals who invite us to their events
  • The people who come to watch us perform

If we brought a smile to your face, the we have accomplished what we set out to do


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